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The Stewarttown Star
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Welcome to The Stewarttown Star online,
This is our newspaper's website. You can find more information on
The Stewarttown Star  links  shown on the left side each page. The Star is a way for students to voice their opinions. To find out more keep browsing the following pages for lots of cool information.

Just because we already have a newsletter doesn't mean we can't have a newspaper. You have probably all seen the Stewarttown Buzz. That is our newsletter. Have you seen the Stewarttown Star, our school newspaper?
If you havent here is a little background information. The Stewarttown Star was started by a group of 2 students that are now the editors. Then there is the dedicated staff. We have 12 members in the paper currently and if you would like to join, please feel free.
The Stewarttown Star is a place that the students can express their thoughts and feelings about things happening around our school. We have many columns that need student participation. For example Mr. Ask. He will either ask you a question that he is wondering about, or you can write in to ask him a question.
Each month all the staff work hard to bring you our new school newspaper. So do us a favour and pick up a copy, you just might like it. Check back on the website once and a while to find out about special events to do with the paper and the school.
Thank You For Visiting Our Site!

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