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On this page you can find out about special events happening around Stewarttown Middle School. Others will be directly involved with the paper. Either way we want to keep you informed.

May Events at Stewarttown

Wed..May 5th                                                     Orientation Evening
Fri..May 7th                                                        Candle Light Tribute
May 10th- May 14th                                          EQAO testing
Wed..May 12th                                                   Student Council Dance
Thurs.May 17th                                                 Grade 6 French Competition
Tues..May 18th                                                  Senior Relays
Thurs..May 20th                                                Chess Tournement (7&8)
Tues..May 25th                                                 Track and Field (G.D.H.S)
Wed..May 26th                                                  Rain date for track and field
May 31st - June 4th                                          Grade 6 Mansfield Trips

Special Event of the Month

The Hawiian Dance on Wednesday May 12th 2004
Wear your Hawiian prints or clothing to get a dollar off.
Otherwise it will cost $3.00
TIME: 3:00 to 5:00pm
REMEBER...The dress code is still in effect for the dance!