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Here is a little background info on the Stewarttown Star.

On this page we will tell you a little bit about The Stewarttown Star and the people that run it.
First the Stewarttown Star would like to thank Mrs. S. Chaisson for letting us start the newspaper and we would also like to thank Mrs. S. Greaves for letting use the seminar room in the library for our weekly meetings.
The Stewarttown Star was started my two grade 7 students at Stewarttown, the reporters oddly enough are only grade 7 and 8 students at Stewarttown and there are 12 of them. The paper was started in April 2004, which is a little bit of a bad thing because this meant that we only got four issues out this year.
We will start the paper again next year and anyone will be free to join. The Stewarttown Star is unique to Stewarttown because we already have a newsletter. The difference is that the Star is run entirely by students and there is more of a kids perspective on the paper. The first month we made 88 copies of the paper and all were gone within a week. We hope that for the rest of the time we print the paper, we get this kind of response. Once again thank you to everyone who made this possible.


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