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Stewarttown Middle School
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On this page we will tell you about the school that we are writing the newspaper for. Stewarttown Middle School is situated in Georgetown Ontario Canada.


Stewarttown In History
Stewarttown middle school was first erected in the 1900s. The original building was a one room school house made out of brick. That building was later torn down, and the building that was built still stands today. In fact the building that stands today is the reason why there is a school newspaper. Built in 1967 Stewarttown Senior School still stands as one of the two middle schools
in Halton Hills. Stewarttown in a 6, 7, 8 school and has 4 feeder schools: Joseph Gibbons, Park, Limehouse and Pineview. To find out more log onto the Stewarttown web site. Even after 131 years our motto is still,
"At Stewarttown We Care."

Grade 6 Wing
Half a grade 6 Hall

Stewarttown Middle School

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